Yves Saint Laurent Men's s/s 11

As usual I loved the YSL show. Pilati showed some simple yet different footwear. In particular sandals that had a kind of brim that made them seem like foot coffins. I didn't like that they failed to hold their shape very well, but I found the idea rather good. R.I.P feet.


  1. These shoes are better than the majority I have seen from menswear this season, which has generally ranged from disappointing to offensively ugly. I prefer the shoes to the sandals though; I seem to have a really difficult time finding mens sandals that I actually like.

  2. I agree. I usually like simple sandals for men, and I think I hate feet, so I usually prefer them worn with socks.
    This season has been a bit disappointing but there are many brands and many shoes so I'm sure we'll find a few things we like as more images are released.