Givenchy s/s 2010

The shoes in the Givenchy s/s 2010 mens and womens collections are Kick-ass! The shape of the wedges create a great silhouette that is at once chunky and slender. I also love the graphic tribal/op-art pattern used in much of the womens shoe collection which is also a feature of the Jeremy Scott Adidas sneakers I posted earlier.


Wearing these Undercover s/s 2010 semi-transparent shoes with patterned socks would make me smile all day.

via shoelust

Grey Desert Boots

I think it's the combination of simplicity, texture and grey, but if I could only own one pair of shoes they would most definitely be grey desert boots.
top: Clarks Originals
bottom: Calvin Klein Collection s/s 2010 via gq.com

Shoemaking in 7 Minutes

Now this won't teach you how to make shoes in 7 minutes, it just runs for 7 minutes. The techniques used are complicated and many, and beautiful to watch. Enjoy.

Jeremy Scott for Adidas

Jeremy Scott + Adidas = CRAZY TONGUES! = ♥

Alexander Wang s/s 2010

The shoes from Alexander Wang's s/s 2010 collection are AMAZING! The black & gray ones have a really beautifully shaped heel, to just pick out one of their many great details, but I think my favorites from the show would have to be the fringed wedges for their complete unusualness. I love the way that they cut off at the foot at such a strange angle which seems to be more concerned with staying parallel to the ground rather than following the lines of the foot. Nice idea. Most unusual.
And those SOCKS!


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