Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite

Soon to be released as part of Nike's f/w 10 collection is the Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite. I wasn't really a fan of the previous Foamposite sneakers but these are a really nice classic retro sneaker made to look futuristic. Here's a bit of a (slightly wanky - even by my standards) spiel about them:

“It’s a dream come true. This Fall, Nike resurrects the out-of-this-world technology of 1997’s Foamposite matching up with a true footwear icon. Originally found on the feet of NBA superstars as well as forward-thinking East Coast urbanites, Foamposite utilized a then groundbreaking two-mold process, delivering an unprecedented upper shape, color and feel giving the shoe a truly futuristic look. It delivered on a new level of performance durability, support and protection. To satisfy the craving that’s persisted since the end of the twentieth century, Nike brings back Foamposite, combining it with the Air Force 1, for an absolutely seamless new slice of basketball footwear.
The legendary AF1, born in 1982 when Bruce Kilgore introduced Nike Air to the game of basketball, is a classic hoop shoe, adopted for the streets and for its style. It’s the sneakerhead’s sneaker, and has been evolving ever since. This evolution sees Nike bring together the best of both worlds. Significant creative thinking and new engineering to create a three-mold process that eliminates the seams on the upper. The shoe also draws on the original Foamposite design, utilizing a midsole that allows consumers a window into the soul of the shoe. Seamless Foamposite, in an Air Force 1.”

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