Curch's Women's Shoes

I love a nice proper mannish shoe on a woman and Church's has relaunched it's women's range with some lovely examples in beautiful finishes.


B Store f/w 10 Boots

Part of B Store's f/w 10 collection, in which crepe soles feature quite heavily, are these lovely boots. They almost have too many understated details, but I think that's what they have working for them.


Alexander McQueen s/s 10 Campaign

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Alexander Mcqueen s/s 2010 campaign by Nick Knight featuring Raquel Zimmerman and THOSE shoes.


Proenza Schouler pre-fall 10 Boots

I really like these little monsters. They're endearingly awkward.


Dior Homme f/w 10

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I am in awe. Kris Van Assche is one of my favorite designers and at Dior Homme he seems to find a painfully beautiful balance between being modern and edgy and classically stylish.

Emporio Armani x Reebok EA7 Shoes/Sneakers/?

Emporio Armani and Reeboks collaboration for f/w 10. They are kind of like the reverse of those high heeled sneakers for women. I'm not in the habit of putting stuff on here I don't like aesthetically, but design-wise I do legitimately find them interesting. They're gonna piss people off.


Prada s/s 10 Chandelier Shoes

I find the Prada chandelier shoes intriguing because they seem to rely on their conflicting visual symbols to cancel each other out. Girly crystals but industrial rivets, stripper plexiglass heel but almost medical straps with exposed velcro. The idea would seem prissy but they are so over-the-top that their boldness makes them trancendant. They're something else.


Prada f/w 10 Shoes

Prada is 70's inspired for f/w 10, with the models strutting down the runway in shoes almost completely covered by fringes and flaps. I'm a sucker for most things 70's so this is fine by me. I particularly like the colour combinations, and the use of glossy brown leather, which usually looks cheap but in the context works quite well.


Minimarket s/s 10 Shoes

Cute, simple designs in nice colours and textures. Not very summery shoes, but I hate summer.


Bottega Veneta f/w 10 Shoes

It's that time again. Mens fashion week is well under way with the Milan shows just finishing. There are many an interesting shoe to be seen, but with my focus being on the details of the design and not on whats latest, I am waiting to get some better views of them before I post about them here. These however are some good images from the Bottega Veneta f/w 10 collection. The Teddy Boy inspired designs featured some fairly unoriginal but very nicely done shoes including Creepers in some great finishes and colours such as patent, crocodile, and teal, along with some motorcycle inspired boots and luxurious loafers.


Alden for Blackbird Christopherson’s Creamery Milkman Boot

“Designed by Blackbird in collaboration with Alden of New England, makers of custom boots since 1884. The Christopherson’s Creamery Milkman Boot was inspired by the shiny simple uniform boots that so many delivery drivers wore back in day when milk and groceries were delivered." It's a very basic boot but I love the abundance of eyelets & hooks and the brogueing only along the topline.


Zissou Adidas

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is probably my favourite film. "I want you on team Zissou." ♥.

Burberry Prorsum f/w 09

The Burberry f/w 09 collection of footwear - especially those boots - were so badass. I love the rubber sole that extends up the front, combined with the stripper proportions of the platform, and the buckle. So so so bad (mening good.)


Florsheim by Duckie Brown s/s 10 Shoes

The complete range. Great modern takes on standard styles and a fantastic use of colour from punchy brights to dull greys and beiges that don't seem that crazy but are fairly unusual colours for a shoe. I want around half these shoes quite desperately.

Nicholas Kirkwood s/s 10 Shoes

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Nicholas Kirkwood's designs are usually too strappy and swirly and colourful for my personal taste (let me finish) but that is not to say that the man isn't a GENIUS. His designs conjure up a level of lust in women that no man can, and his trademark heel and platform shapes are both individual and versatile. There is something refreshingly original and current about what he does. See more of the range (I left out the colourful ones due to my chromophobia) at the wonderful Imelda blog.


Adidas Originals Star Wars s/s 10 Sneakers

Ever wondered what a Storm Trooper would look like if it was a sneaker? Neither. Well the kids at Adidas Originals have, and released a whole range of footwear and apparel for s/s 10 that are Star Wars themed. It's pretty interesting as a design exercise. The results are silly and cute for the most part. Luke Skywalker makes quite a handsome sneaker while Princess Leia gets all Lanvin.


Acrobats of God

Acrobats of God is a new line by shoe designer Nicole Brundage. The whole s/s 10 collection is covered with these thick elastic straps. I love this style because it pushes the idea further by also encompassing the heel, making it part of the upper in a very raw way.


Contrast Rand

So simple yet very effective. A light rand lifts the shoe and gives it a glow (I sound like I'm selling face cream.) On the Dior Homme boots it gives the sole a layered look and at Jil Sander it gives a simple shoe an interesting edge (literally.)

Dior Homme f/w 09 via highsnobiety
Jil Sander s/s 10 via selectism


Felipe Oliveira Baptista s/s 10 Boots

I've really been liking this platform, wedge, thick sole thing lately, and these Felipe Oliveira Baptista creations are some fine examples. Chunky and sharp - they look like badass battleships.