Pierre Hardy f/w 10 Lace-ups

Just look at 'em. Just... just... y'know... just look. Really. I mean... really. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill lace ups. Blowin' my mind.


Céline s/s 10

I meant to post about Phoebe Philo's extra chunky version of the clog and wedge trend, as part of her much admired debut collection for Céline, a while ago. These pictures just reminded me. See more at Jak & Jil.

Ann Demeulemeester Low Cut Sneaker

via restir
A simple low sneaker with just enough points of difference to make it something special. Excellent sole.


Janosch Malwitz UDK Graduate Collection

This is a very refined and mature graduate collection. I'm still in love with zips on footwear.


Raf Simons Show Boots

A Raf Simons boot from a couple of years ago. Amazing use of cork, velcro straps, sole shape, colour and... well... everything.


Inside the Knockoff-Tennis-Shoe Factory

Andrew Bettles for The New York Times
(Shoes provided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

PULL TAB: The finish of the top edge is asymmetrical. LOGO: The signature Nike logo on the counterfeit shoe is more like a check mark than a swoosh. STITCHING: Each stitch where the upper meets the sole is longer and less uniform.

Read the New York Times article HERE.


Jil Sander Lece-Up Boots

Great proportions on these boots by Jil Sander. Also, I've spoken about contrast rands on mens shoes before but this is a nice example of a contrast rand on womens heels.


Kris Van Assche s/s 11 Footwear

It's that time again where I put up a massive amount of images of the new Kris Van Assche range because I want them all. I won't even bother going on about all the details that make me love them so much because I think I like EVERYTHING about every single one.

Sigerson Morrison Buckled Suede Pumps

Love the shape of these Sigerson Morrison pumps and the point of interest in the way the heel cuts inwards.


Balenciaga Solid Trainers

While on the topic of nice laces - check these out (I think maybe people don't say that anymore.) Good tongue. Good use of padding. Simple everything else. Love 'em.


Ann Demeulemeester Triple Lace Boots

Of all the incarnations of this triple laced style by Ann D, these black, high, brilliant thick talon heeled versions are my favorite. These ones belong to the inspiring Zana at Garbage Dress.


Mastermind JAPAN f/w 10 Hiking Boot

I have been getting into hiking boots a bit. I like the simplicity of them combined with the lacing. These are a tougher looking version by Mastermind JAPAN featuring some nice silver coloured detailing - including screws around the sole and metal on the end of the laces (I forget what those thingys are called.)


Lauren Tennenbaum Straps

Lauren Tennenbaum customises shoes like I have never seen. I will post a few of her other works soon, but here is a look at some of her latest creations which are a series of stud and crystal embellished straps which can be worn in a myriad of ways. It's like Givenchy and those Prada s/s 10 chandelier heels had a crack baby.