Nike Air Royal Mid VT

I love the moulded look that Nike uses on some of their sneakers. I've posted about the macarons pack before but here are some more views and colourways. Absolutely in love with the textured ones at the top (personally I wouldn't wear them with fluro laces) and I also really like the way that the colour on the holiday 2010 model (bottom) overlap parts of the sneaker that would usually be separate pieces, highlighting the unique construction of this style.


Raf Simons s/s 11 Shoes

I always admire the Raf Simons - clean and futuristic while based on tradition - aesthetic (that's how I see it anyway.) The ideas are aways so beautifully and simply executed. I'm a fan of this elastic strap trend that's been going on the last few years.

Anastasia Radevich 11 Kinetik Collection

Squigglicious. R-A-W Shoes blog always has great descriptions so I'm just gonna go ahead and use theirs:
"Anastasia is a Canadian-based designer of Belarusian origin who lives and works on both continents. Ms. Radevich obtained a degree with distinction from Cordwainers after being sponsored by Foundation de la Mode de Montreal. Before launching her first collection Biofuture in 2009, Anastasia worked at Aldo Group for two years and designed for Bolongaro Trevor(founder of All Saints). Radevich also worked for Alexander McQueen and Nicholas Kirkwood.
Speaking to Anastasia via email I found out that the shoes in this article are from her 2011 Kinetik Collection. Ms. Radevich’s inspiration for her designs came from the Electro-Industrial Music festival, Kinetik held in Montreal during May. The music and the complete immersion via the inner force of electronics influenced the unique heel design seen in each picture. Hopefully, Ms. Radevich continues to make an annual pilgrimage to Kinetik so she can continue to produce visually stunning heels as these."


Lanvin Leather and Jersey Boot

There are so many strange elements in these shoes (colours, combination of materials, multiple pull tabs, trim on the heel cap, etc) but what really confused me was the uneven topline on the leather shoe part. Why is it all wobbly? I think I really like them apart from that one odd detail.

Arnoldo & Battois s/s 11

Can someone please explain to me what the hell is going on? I would just dismiss them as being plain stupid but that peachy squidgy thing has me intrigued.


Heutchy f/w 10 Sneaker

Heutchy presents this beautiful clean sneaker, reminicent of something by Common Projects, in fantastic finishes.


Vintage Sergio Rossi's

So this is the first post to feature photos taken by me. Putting these photos on the blog hadn't even entered my mind when I took them but then it occurred to me that this blog is about documenting my shoe design inspiration and that was the purpose of taking the photos - so yeah - of course they should be here. I'm just in such a rhythm with how I do this blog that doing something different feels like I'm breaking the rules, but I make the rules.
So onto the shoes. I felt that these vintage Sergio Rossi's had that nice balance of being simple while also being interesting. the gold extending a little way down the sole, and the shaping under the ankle are both very nice touches.


ALDO for Rad Hourani s/s 11 Footwear

The three unisex styles available by ALDO for Rad Hourani. The square toe works well with the aesthetic, as can be seen in the bottom image from a Rad Hourani show. I'm always banging on about simple sneakers and these ones really push that idea far.


Church's Women's Burwood Brogue & Sally Loafer

Lovely shoes from Church's women's range. The white brogues with natural soles are beautiful and navy is a great colour for penny loafers.


Ruthie Davis Robot Sandal

I like the way very clear segments are created in these pre-spring 11 heels by Ruthie Davis, continuing the look of her trademark heel to the other sections of the shoe.

Louis Vuitton s/s 11 Fresh Off The Runway



Damir Doma Washed Horse Fringed Sneakers

Love Damir Doma, love creative lacing, and love these.


Alexander McQueen s/s 11 Sculpted Wedges

I haven't seen much of interest footwear wise in the recent shows (Chloé showed ballet flats for shits sake.) So I was pleased to see the Alexander McQueen show by new creative director Sarah Burton. Burton had worked for McQueen for 13 years when he committed suicide in February and was made creative director in May. Her pagan themed show stayed true to the McQueen aesthetic and featured these crazy shoes which I think are meant to be some kind if leaf but reminded me of fungi. Now ordinarily anything to do with fungi and feet is not a good thing but these shoes are hardly ordinary. Just the dose of crazy I was after.
P.S. I suppose they maybe almost work here but butterflies on footwear should not be worn after the age of... never.