The Shoe Edit Turns 1

Today marks the one year anniversary of starting The Shoe Edit. I don't know what the force is that compels me to keep this thing up, as I have never been good at keeping diaries, but I am thankful for it.


Balenciaga s/s 11

Another great collection from Balenciaga - and this time not sky high. I like it. I like it very much.
P.S. Lynn & Horst described this collection as "Lesbians on Mars." Best description ever.


Rick Owens Ankle Strap Boots

I like the use of press studs on these Rick Owens boots, and the way the strap comes from the heel-cap area.


Proenza Schouler f/w 10

I wanted to post about these shoes as soon as I saw them but decided that the amazing silhouette and details deserved a closer look so I've been waiting to come across images like these for a while. The Proenza Schouler f/w 10 show which had the models walking the catwalk looking like the chicks from 'The Craft' was - as usual - brilliant. I'm trying to figure out what their winning formula is and I think it may be that their originality shows knowledge and maturity while their edginess and cool signifys youth. While most other great brands lean more towards one of these categories Proenza Schouler has heavy doses of both.

Dries Van Noten Oxford Shoe

Oh, what a little brogueing can do.


Nike Air Classic BW – Blue Lacquer/Black/White

Just a bit of personal nostalgia. I saw these sneakers in a store the other day and was immediately struck by how much I would have loved them when I was like 10. I still have a big thing for black and white but I also loved this strong mid-blue colour. I would have been all over these shoes like white on rice.


Yves Saint Laurent "Palais" Platform Pumps

I found some good images of the YSL f/w 10 shoes that really show off the slightly peculiar silhouette. Mohawk & tweed. So good.


Dior Homme B&W Belted Sneakers

These sneakers featuring a thinner strap and contasting tones & textures are from the later Slimane days.


Kris Van Assche Triple Strap Boots

More KVA inspiration for the shoes I'm making. As they are now I have a strap across the front that covers both sides of the shoe and extends to the back like the inside of these boots. I think I prefer the way it is used here - covering only on the inside and continuing as a thin strap to the sole on the outside.

Kris Van Assche f/w 09 Women's Shoes

I can't believe I hadn't featured these Kris Van Assche shoes here until now. BLASPHEMY! That platform is marvelous.


Giuliano Fujiwara s/s 10 High-Top Sneakers

I have posted similar sneakers from the Giuliano Fujiwara f/w 10 collection, but these wild little numbers from the s/s 10 collection featured this more exaggerated wing shape which I quite liked.


Viktor & Rolf Brogue Chelsea Boots

via ssense
More elastic-sided boots. This time from Viktor & Rolf. I like the contrast stitching and the brogueing on the pull tab. HOLY CRAP!! I just realised that there is sparkly green glitter in the brogueing! I hate it. I have toyed with the idea of layering things under brogue holes before - not green bloody glitter though.


Balmain Zip & Elatic Boot

The combination of elastic on one side, and zip closure on the other side of this Balmain boot works nicely. I'd love to stomp around in these.