Lanvin f/w 10

I liked the feel of Lanvin f/w 10 - dark and dramatic with a strong exotic edge. This was reflected well in the shoes which showed some interesting combinations of rounded toes and super fine heels.

Neil Barrett f/w 10 Footwear

Neil Barrett is a brand that has many pieces that I really love, while also having many I don't like at all. Here is the love pile.


Pendleton x Opening Ceremony x Timberland Roll-Top Boot

Good combo of rugged Timberland work boot and Pendleton mini-jacquard wool.


Jil Sander f/w 10 Footwear

The new s/s 11 womenswear collection by Jil Sander was great but didn't feature very interesting footwear. I'm sure there will be some brilliant things released as part of the wider collection later - Raf doesn't usually disappoint. I did however admire the boots from f/w 10. It was nice to see the models stomping down the runway in rather shapeless flat boots and looking amazing. Those cut-out loafers are really doing it for me also.


United Nude 'Cosmo'

United Nude, founded by architect Rem Koolhaas and seventh generation shoemaker Galahad Clark, make incredible, sculptural footwear and the 'Cosmo' shoe is a good example of this. Hand molded in carbon fibre for the s/s 09 collection, they have sweeping lines that create a lightweight wraparound effect.

Florsheim by Duckie Brown f/w 10 Shoes

Posting about the Florsheim by Duckie Brown s/s 11 collection the other day made me realise that I hadn't seen the f/w 10 collection, so here it is. Same thing really. Just more wintery. The forest green and navy are very nice.


Givenchy f/w 10 Laced Boots

Always a fan of interesting laces - I was rather taken by these Givenchy boots. The big button-looking fast lacing is a great detail and they come in some wild fabrics. The Wicked Witch of the West would look stupid in the ruby slippers she was after, but these red sequined ones I could see her rocking.


Florsheim by Duckie Brown s/s 11 Shoes

Although I don't like this Florsheim by Duckie Brown collection as much as the s/s 10 one, I like the way they make very different shoes work so well together.


Museum Neu x Dr. Martens

I have probably written too much about Dr. Martens on this blog considering that they are kinda just variations on the same shoe all the time, but I think these variations by Museum Nue may be my favorite yet. Nothing over-the-top. Just a little addition or tweak, but very nice.


Acne Boy Short Boot

via oak
I'm loving the shapes an angles in these.


Costume National Platform Sandals

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Dynamic silhouette on these Costume National sandals. I do wish that some of the lines matched up though.


Calvin Klein Anya Brogue

I don't usually like large brogueing, preferring the holes to be a finer detail, but I think it works well on these brogues by Calvin Klein. It's the combination of it with the beautiful colours and texture. I probably wouldn't like them if they were black.


Lodger Finsbury Balmoral Brogue

Combining colours and textures is a hard thing to do well but I think these Lodger brogues are just on the right side of tasteful for me.


Marloes Ten Bhömer Leather-Mâché Technique

All of the shoes by Marloes Ten Bhömer are amazingly sculptural, but this is a very radical technique to apply to footwear.
"This leather laminating technique abolishes the use of a shoe upper pattern and allows for a varied wall thickness of the shoe."


Alexander Wang Anouck Beatle Boots

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This cut-in heel from Alexander Wang really gives the illusion (it's not a magic trick) that the shoe isn't supportive. I like the shape and trim around the back top of the boot.