Just a nice picture of shoe stuff because it's pretty.


United Nude Flat Pack Shoe

It's like Lego and a shoe had a baby! Amazing! Read more here.


Givenchy f/w 11 Womens Shoes

I'm loving the closed-in shape of these Givenchy f/w 11 heels. The collection has many strong points that are carried on to the footwear including - prints, violet (the colour and the flower) and some nice bling.


Alexander McQueen Monk-Straps

So simple. So pretty.

Derrick Rose adiZero Crazy Light Team Shoes

At first glance I didn't think too much about these sneakers but the way the shapes are continued in the lacing and the shape of the sole are really nicely done. I also like the positioning of the branding. It's one of those things where the more I look, the more I like.

Chronicles of Never 1914-1918 Deconstructed Boot

Beaten-up soft looking leather always suits a simple shoe.