Chau Har Lee

R-A-W Shoes had a nice clear description so I'm just going to use that:
Chau Har Lee graduated from Cordwainers in 2002 and recently completed her MA in Footwear Design from the Royal College of Art. After graduating Ms. Lee worked for notable companies such as Burberry, Nicole Farhi and Georgina Goodman. Chau uses stainless steel, walnut wood, acrylic and leather to create these wearable works of art. In addition to working on her line Ms. Lee consults on the Marloes Ten Bhomer collection and is a tutor at the London College of Fashion. To see more of her work please go to www.chauharlee.com.


  1. Wow! I love the architectural look of all of them. Great post!


  2. Why do women's bodies continue to be barraged with devices of torture in the name of fashion? This is not truly "footwear," but rather stylish implements of bondage, akin to the outlawed practice or foot binding in China or shackles for American slaves. This is a deplorable and misogynistic utilization of architectural design.