Shoes Sans Arch Support

Some very interesting and often ugly shoes that are missing arch support. I can't imagine what they must feel like to walk in.

top to bottom:
Céline s/s 09 via style.com
Dolce & Gabbana s/s 09 via shoeblog
Louis Vuitton f/w 06 campaign featuring Daria Werbowy via rockthetrend
Julian Hakes concept sandals which do an amazing job of eliminating the traditional shoe silhouette. via designershoespro
Dancing sneakers which I suspect have some form of arch support but still carry a similar look. via discounteddancesupplies


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  2. these are very good sneakers, there a good source for preventing from killing ants and there friken hot I would choose them over any shoes any day. sexy mamas

  3. Dance sneakers have actually got good arch support which increases te more you tighten the laces because of the design.