Akris s/s 11 "Ishi" Shoe

Description from Shoe Blog:
"The Akris Spring 2011 show was inspired by designer Albert Kriemler’s two vacation day trip in Japan. In collaboration with Akris, Paul Steiger, of Walter Steiger shoes, created this wedge called the Ishi, or “stone” in Japanese. The objective was to recreate the look and posture of standing without shoes on a round stone. With the toes perpetually pointed downwards, I’m reminded of the fluid and grace of a ballerina en pointe."
They look damn painful.


  1. thanks so much. what a wonderful shoe blog! i spent hours reading eveery page!
    love yah
    i love shoes too

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  3. they look excruciating. interesting though - they'll probably be much appreciated in a museum.

    nice blog btw.

  4. I would love a pair. Of all the wedges that are out there this season, these are the most interesting and the most beautiful.