Anastasia Radevich 11 Kinetik Collection

Squigglicious. R-A-W Shoes blog always has great descriptions so I'm just gonna go ahead and use theirs:
"Anastasia is a Canadian-based designer of Belarusian origin who lives and works on both continents. Ms. Radevich obtained a degree with distinction from Cordwainers after being sponsored by Foundation de la Mode de Montreal. Before launching her first collection Biofuture in 2009, Anastasia worked at Aldo Group for two years and designed for Bolongaro Trevor(founder of All Saints). Radevich also worked for Alexander McQueen and Nicholas Kirkwood.
Speaking to Anastasia via email I found out that the shoes in this article are from her 2011 Kinetik Collection. Ms. Radevich’s inspiration for her designs came from the Electro-Industrial Music festival, Kinetik held in Montreal during May. The music and the complete immersion via the inner force of electronics influenced the unique heel design seen in each picture. Hopefully, Ms. Radevich continues to make an annual pilgrimage to Kinetik so she can continue to produce visually stunning heels as these."


  1. Thanks for the compliment. Love your blog,
    Winston Queensborough-R-A-W SHOES BLOG.

  2. My pleasure. And thank you. It's true that I always feel I have a good overview of things from reading your blog.