Wooyoungmi s/s 11

I loved almost all of Wooyoungmi s/s 11 so much that when it came to choosing some of my favorite looks to put in this post I ended up saving about half the collection on my computer. The footwear was appealing because it was so simple yet quite out-there. I find it interesting that wood seems like such a masculine material yet when used on the soles of shoes it is definitely feminine. This would be due to the fact that men's shoes are usually flat and women's shoes often have heels and platforms but it is something that this collection has made me realise. I can hear clomping just looking at them.


  1. do you know where i can get the platform shoes?

  2. would like to know that too

  3. レイバン アビエイターが全ライン値段下げたと聞き、眼鏡市場に駆けつけた。どうやら、ただの噂だったみたく、レイバン RB3025など、やっぱり15000円以上はかかる。残念なことで、レイバンはめっちゃ好きだけど、フリーターのあたしには、やはりもっとお財布にやさしい普通のサングラスが相応しいかもね。