Helen Furber 'Icica' Boot

I have not had much luck over the last few days in my research. It's disheartening to look at so many shoes and not find anything interesting or beautiful or (please, please, please) both. This is, after all, the purpose of this blog - to collect all the footwear I think is worth looking at into the one place. There are so many amazing shoes out there but sometimes it feels like looking for a needle in a haystack... made of shit.
Well I almost punched the air when, after all this, I find 2010 Cordwainers Footwear design graduate Helen Furber's 'Icica' boot. Interesting (and beautiful) design, technically brilliant and made with sustainability in mind they restore my hope in the world of footwear design. See more aboout them at Style Bubble & I Don't Eat Bread, and at Helen's own blog Shoe Kitchen which gives a great insight into the process behind making these lovelies.
I may be covered in poo, but I've got my needle.

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