Maison Martin Margiela Sock Boot

I've really got a thing for knitted elements on footwear. No idea why. Exhibit A.

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  1. Just purchased mail-order a pair and wore them for the first time today, found several major design flaws that are totally unacceptable for a shoe in this price range(retail $1070). First, the vamp is too low so it was painfully difficult to get either of my feet into the boots(I'm a normal size 10). I own many pairs of western and winter boots and never experienced anything like this before. Second, the wool socks started to sag lower and lower from it's own weight within a few hours of wear...to the point they were touching the ground behind the heal and resting just before the toes on the front giving the boots a weird look somewhere between a Clydesdale horse and an '80's dancer wearing ankle warmers. Because I wore them I can no longer return them so my only option is to bring the boots to a shoe smith to see if they can stretch the vamp a little and then give the socks to my tailor to see if he can hem them back. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THESE BOOTS!