Michelle Quick

LCF MA graduate Michelle Quick's work features the wonderfully unexpected use of horn. In an interview with Style Salvage Quick says:
"I've always been fascinated with horn objects, I love seeing old horn combs and caviar spoons in museums. The colours are so varied and you can polish it to such a high shine. It's a material that is present in all bespoke shoe houses (shoe horns, brushes, etc) but is rarely used on the shoes themselves. I was interested in how it could be used to adorn shoes in a new way."
I particularly like the monk-straps (top) as I think they use the material to it's best effect. See more of the process behind these creations at Quick's BLOG.


  1. I think this is so queer but so much incredible. Nice!

  2. Prince would sell his house for a pair of these badboys.