For whatever reason I keep finding myself being drawn to this idea of using paint on a shoe. It may be because I believe that it could be done better than these examples. That's not to say that I don't think most of these shoes are great, but I feel like there must be a brilliant use for this idea that I haven't seen yet. I do love the YSL mens oxfords because the colours and the way it is painted seems to be quite faithful to what a used paint pellette looks like. For now I might just buy a cheap pair of canvas shoes and attack them.

top to bottom:
Yves Saint Laurent mens s/s 08 via ysl.com
Sergio Rossi s/s 08 via counterfeitchic
Alexander McQueen f/w 09 via selectism
Yves Saint Laurent resort 07 via shoedaydreams
Stella McCartney f/w 09 via geekshoes

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